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Contrexéville, a thermal resort in the Vosges

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Thermal resort and architecturally-interesting town

For any person strolling around the Contrexéville thermal resort in the Vosges, its architecture remains an endless visual pleasure, boasting undeniable charm blended with romanticism from by-gone eras.

From the blue shades of the Bath’s colonnades to the golden colour of icons in the Orthodox chapel, the resort’s atmosphere combines everything that visitors are so desirously looking for.

The undeniably contemporary architecture with its lively colours which adorn the resort’s Place des Fontaines, is a way to remind travellers that this health spa, capital of Tasty Diets, is completely anchored in the present. 

The thermal resort’s night lights and entertainmentPhotos toucan 006

The entertainment and leisure offered in the thermal resort are proof of its dynamic lifestyle with concerts, cinema, exhibits, restaurants, without forgetting the beautifully glamorous lights of the casino by night.

Contrex_7424 © ToucanA priceless asset: Contrexéville water

The thermal resort is located on a Vosges plain blessed with generously natural water emerging from the ground, full of healthy properties recognized since ancient Roman times.

For more information regarding the Contrexéville water and its Baths.

For more information regarding the all-included treatments at the Contrexéville thermal resort.

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