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The Tasty Diet Charter

The objective we are all aiming for (doctors, dieticians, healthcare personnel, psychic healers, gym teachers, restaurant owners ….) is to help patients slim down to obtain their ideal weight.

This ideal weight is a strictly individual notion which requires a prescribed personalized and adapted diet program involving new dietary habits.

These new dietary habits will be introduced in the hotels and restaurants in the Thermal Resort, which explains the importance of this unique charter drawn-up for Contrexéville.

The patient must understand that they will never starve in Contrexéville but they will learn to eat differently in order to control what they eat, therefore their weight, over a long period of time.

The Tasty Diet Charter aims to define common dietary rules from where offered measures will be established and offered to the spa clients to reach this objective.

The Tasty Diet Charter: a personal and group commitment

Any service provider having signed the Diet Charter must undertake to respect, and have their personnel respect this Charter in order to help the spa clients as best possible to follow these new dietary conditions.

The commitment of each person is rewarded by an identification label informing spa clients of our desire to meet their expectations: “Respect of the Contrexéville Tasty Diet Charter”.

All those signing the Contrexéville Tasty Diet Charter undertake to:

  • respect the calorie level of prescribed diet,
  • apply the right proportional rules between all food groups,
  • take care to present an appetizing plate and ensure permanent quality and variety of meals,
  • and lastly create a friendly environment without being too present.

"The Tasty Refined Dining Diet Certificate"

Tasty, pleasurable and with lots of fresh water ...

The basis of our slimming programs remains the unbeatable Contrex natural mineral water which will accompany your rejuvenating days thanks to its world-recognized properties (especially for weight-loss).

To guarantee ideal slimming meals, the Hôtel de Lorraine* and the Hôtel des Lacs** in Contrexéville have officially labeled their weight-loss know-how, making it possible for gourmet spa clients to fully enjoy balanced and savoury diet cuisine..

Specialists of slimming dietary habits, they will guarantee balanced slimming meals as well as a warm and personalized welcome. You’ll recognize them by the label “Certification of Tasty Refined Dining Diet” .

tableContrexéville is the first Thermal Resort to set-up the “Certifiation of Tasty Refined Dining Diet” pursuant to the standard “Gastronomy and Balance” published in the Official Journal upon notice by the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry. Certificates are issued by AUCERT.*

* AUCERT – 10 avenue Marx Dormoy 63000 Clermont-Ferrand

Slimming through refined dining


With the Tasty Diet, you’ll delight your palate by pushing savoury pleasures to the extreme, and you’ll learn - if you so desire - to slim down in a progressively and savoury manner. Say goodbye to boring diets and say hello to delicious-tasting little dishes perfect for slimming down. Long live Tasty Refined Dining Diets!

You can find the Tasty Refined Dining Diets in the all-included Slimming and Fitness Stays at Contrexéville.

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