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The Contrexéville Thermal Baths

Slim-down and relax … while you exercise and eat healthily!

In the heart of the Vosges, the Contrexéville Thermal Baths invite you to discover precious thermal water benefits which have been appreciated since Roman times.
Offering a large range of thermal care treatments (bath, shower, modelling …), water gym activities, and body and face cares, the Contrexéville Thermal Baths in the Vosges offers a unique thermal experience …
Only thermal water is used for all care treatments offered at the Thermal Baths.

Only thermal water is used for all care treatments offered at the Thermal Baths.

Thermal and Spa Treatment Programs at the Contrexéville Thermal Baths

•    Medically-prescribed Thermal Treatment
Diabetes, Urinary infections, Cholesterol... Excess weight, the 18-day Thermal Treatment Care at Contrexéville is prescribed by your doctor and is covered by your health insurance.
•    Slimming Programs and Slimming Packages
For those who can’t take 3 weeks to do a Thermal Treatment, there are other choices available including the Slimming Program+14 days.
•    Short Relaxation and Well-Being stays
Starting with just 1 day, come treat yourself to the benefits of thermal water for a fitness or pampering break …

Thermal Treatments à la carte and Passports

The Contrexéville Thermal Baths also offer thermal treatments à la carte and half-day “passports” (fitness, beauty, slimming …).
•    A la carte Treatments
•    Beauty, Fitness and Getaway Passports (1/2 day rate)

What’s new at the Contrexéville Thermal Baths

  • •    Treatments-for-two to share intimate moments
    •    Two-seat bathtub facing each other
    •    Double booths for body and face treatments
    •    New cosmetic lines
    •    Maria Galland, at the cutting edge of progress and beauty, with body and face cares.
    •    La Sultane de Saba for Getaway treatments
    •    LPG (Cellu M6), lymphatic drainage, to re-densify or firm-up the skin

New Activities at the Baths: Aqua step

Aqua step during water gymnastics allows for a large variety of group activities to be enjoyed from different activity areas. This comprehensive and fun class gives you the chance to do several activities in one session - a cardio workout, muscle building and relaxing.
To join us, please take a look at Useful Information about the Contrexéville Thermal Baths

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